Best in Class is a crowd funded profit sharing Edinburgh Fringe initiative, showcasing the rich talent of working class comedians, curated and presented by Sian Davies.

This show was created because/in spite of (but not limited to) the following:
Spam, chippy teas, waste grounds, hanging around, knock off trainers, a fella your dad knows, weed, the unions, crap schools, bunking off, electric metres, Brixton, Toxteth, hand me down clothes, holidays in caravans, shit on a stick, the back of a lorry, failed MOT’s, failed GCSE’s, bus stops, pay day loans, Daniel Blake, Grenfell, cheap meat, pubs, pints, tobacco, Margret Fucking Thatcher, cash converters, job seekers allowance, zero hour contracts, jam butties, gravy, pyjamas, broken glass, broken homes, playing out, white lightening, E, backyards, slums, tenements, The housing, The social, The NHS, grants, grasses, benefits, belts, credit unions, hiding from the milk man, tired dads, fierce mums, dying young, Aldi, Iceland, fighting, skin heads, Grime, underdogs, mental health, beans on toast, second hand everything, Brookside, watching the match, endless cups of tea, futility and empowerment.

There are many barriers facing working class performers, who are underrepresented in comedy and at the worlds biggest arts festival, the Edinburgh Fringe. Often parodied and mocked in mainstream comedy, working class comedians have strong voices and unique experiences that need to be heard at the fringe. Growing up, they often have little access to the arts, they don’t have industry contacts or money and are unable to finance Edinburgh shows. They also struggle to take the time off work and to justify a full run at the fringe. Best in Class gives talented comedians the opportunity to perform at Edinburgh Fringe whilst minimising some of the barriers they usually face, such as cost and length of commitment. Talented comedians from working class backgrounds can perform at Best in Class for a maximum of one week. They won’t have to pay anything towards the running costs of the show and will receive a share of any profits (because Socialism).

Best in Class had a successful first year at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018. The comedians received several four star reviews and excelled in front of receptive audiences from a mixture of social backgrounds. This success has shown the industry that there is a need for a show like Best in Class. In 2019 Best in Class will return to Edinburgh with a new intake of working class comedians. The show will run daily 1st-25th August at 15:30 in The Counting House.
Applications for Best in Class 2019 have now closed. Stay tuned for more information about our next cohort of working class comedians.

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Putting on a show at Edinburgh Fringe is a costly experience. Costs include:

£100 to secure a venue at the Fringe,

£295 to register the show in the Fringe programme,

£100 for poster/flyer art work

£100 for poster and flyer printing

There will also be the cost of marketing, advertising and promoting the show. Not to mention the exorbitant accommodation costs that the comedians will pay to perform at the fringe.

This fundraising page has been created to minimise any out of pocket expenses in giving talented working class artists a much needed voice at the fringe. Please donate what ever you can and most importantly share this fundraising page with your contacts. Remember, any profit that is made after costs will be split proportionately between the acts.

Best in Class 2018 alumni


Our 2018 alumni used their experience with Best In Class to push their comedy careers further. Sian Davies won Hilarity Bites New Act competition, is working on a split bill for 2019 and has been commissioned to write her debut hour by Greater Manchester Fringe. Tom Mayhew started a podcast featuring working class people in the arts and has been previewing his latest show. Cheekykita (Sonja Doubleday) has been touring in a critically acclaimed play, Sunrise For The Blind. Jamie Hutchinson was nominated for Leicester Mercury comedian of the year. Nena Edwards was selected to take part in Circuit Breakers at the Leicester Comedy Festival. Lindsey Santoro recently signed with A Rush Of Laughter management and performed an hour show at the Birmingham Comedy Festival. Vince Atta has been supporting Jason Manford on his arena tour. Drew Taylor recently debuted his hour show at the Leicester Comedy Festival. Kathryn Mather came third in the Leicester Mercury comedian of the year, is performing a split bill show and providing tour support for Kiri Pritchard McClean.


Reviews for Best in Class 2018

Best In Class

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