Day Eight

I’d love to regale you with some tales of exciting adventures, but literally nothing has happened today.

This morning I decided to check out which supermarkets had delivery slots available. There was nothing at all, but I did manage to get a click and collect spot for Monday and I have a friend who is able to pick it up on my behalf. I’ve never done a big shop on line before and to be honest, I have no idea what I’ve ended up with! I prioritised wine, Easter eggs and dog food. Which I believe are the main food groups. I’m expecting lots of my items to be substituted or missing, but the thrill of surprise will be something to look forward to on Monday. There was no toilet roll available at all; but anyone who has seen my solo show will know that the prospect of turning my shower into a bum-gun is one I’m quite looking forward to.

Eddie and I went for a walk. Although it was quieter than usual, there were still plenty of people out and about. Kids playing out, BBQ’s going on and gangs of lads roaming about in shorts like a bank bloody holiday. Some people really aren’t getting the message. There isn’t any sort of community police presence here. We often have police helicopters circling and sirens blaring. Fairly often a few squad cars turn up and close off a street for a stabbing. But local Bobbies are a long forgotten institution of modern Britain. With that in mind, there is no police presence here to disperse people. The ill informed and the arrogant wander unchecked around the streets, endangering themselves and many others. This will likely continue until the virus begins to effect people they know.

We came home and watched a documentary about the evolution of Disco. That was nice.

Anyway, here’s a bit of comedy. This is my set from the Funny Women final last year at the Bloomsbury Theatre. It’s a high profile national competition and the talent in that final was next level! It was a dream to gig to perform and I was thrilled to come runner up. Watch it if you fancy an escape from the current situation, I hope you enjoy it!