Day Four

It’s Saturday today, last night all the pubs, clubs and restaurants across the UK were closed down. I don’t usually eat out that often, but all I have thought about today is the food I can’t go and eat! I do like having a pint in the pub and spend a lot of my time gigging in different venues, It is strange to think of them all stood empty. I think most people are beginning to understand how important these actions are in saving lives. Although when the announcement was made last night I heard every door in my street open as people raced to the local for one last pint. Sadly that action has probably spread the virus even further.

Today has been a bright and sunny day. I took Eddie out to St Helens for our walk today. The Dream is a large sculpture that sits on the former Sutton Colliery site which is around 10 miles away. There are walking trails, woods to explore and rivers for Eddie to splash about in. There were quite a lot of people about, more than usual, it was great to see of them practising social distancing whilst enjoying the fresh air. I think the lack of entertainment spaces and the change in how we need to interact will make us more appreciative of the parks and forests in the UK and lead to a rise in how much we use them.

I’ve been looking forward to watching Mae Martin’s new drama, Feel Better, which launched this week on channel 4. I decided to start watching it today and immediately felt all the feelings within the first few minutes. The comedy club used in the show is The Frog and Bucket in Manchester. It’s a club I’ve gigged at so many times, progressing through the ranks as a comedian. I remember winning Beat The Frog as a new comic and how great that felt. My last gig was MCing the Funny Women showcase at The Frog on International Women’s Day. I was thrilled to be asked to do that gig, it was wonderful atmosphere and it felt like I’d unlocked a little comedy achievement as I drove home with a smile on my face. I’m booked to do my first full pro weekend there in June. It’s hard to get excited about that at the moment as I know there is a good chance it wont happen. A lot comedy venues are going to really struggle to get through this. If can you afford to, support them anyway that you’re able. Some are selling vouchers you can redeem at a later date, some are sharing online content you can engage with. I’m pretty sure the comedy industry will be a different beast when this is over and done with, I hope clubs, like The Frog, that have supported me manage to make it out the other side. Anyway, I watched two episodes, I liked it, but I’m trying to have some discipline and not binge it all in one sitting!

This afternoon I got to put my creativity to the test. A gig I was supposed to have last week decided they would still pay the acts involved in exchange for a comedy video. I’ve never made videos before, I’m not great a sketch writing and don’t have experience of scripted comedy, but I decided to give it a go! I headed into my cellar and made a spoof survival documentary about surviving isolation in a bunker. It was good fun, and felt good to be creative. I should probably be using this time to write more, create more content and sharpen all my skills. But I’ve found it hard to be creative in the current climate. Shooting a daft video in my cellar was definitely a step in the right direction, even if I did look like a maniac!