Day Nine

Today has been quite a fun busy day! I started with an early dog walk at around 7:30. There are far fewer people out at that time of day. It was mainly other dog walkers in the park and we all kept a respectful distance whilst saying our morning greetings.

I was once again officially working from home today. My shift began with a Skype call with my colleagues. After nine days of isolation it was lovely to see some familiar faces, even if it was through a screen. I had more online training to complete and it was more than happy to work through it, just for something to do!

By the afternoon, I ready for a physical challenge. Some of you may be aware that I live on a building site. My house is semi-derelict. I made the classic mistake of taking on a project I could neither afford nor be bothered to complete. I have a couple of rooms that are in good condition but I also have a lot of work to do. There are holes in walls, holes in ceilings, cracks to fill, floors to fit, missing doors, the list really is endless. Every now and then when I have some spare cash I might do a job, or get someone in if it’s something I think is too much hassle. There is one job that I have been putting off for a long time. The hand rail at the top of the stairs has no spindles. It has never had spindles since I moved in. I have a floating balustrade. And that is not a euphemism. A while ago I was actually given some spindles that someone had left over from a job (because that’s the kind of life I live). Today I decided to give it a go.

I would love to say I completed the job and present some pictures of a miraculous transformation, but with only a handsaw and a B in Maths, it was slow progress. I’ve made a plan, I’ve done some measuring and I’ve cut the spindles down to size. I like to work quite slowly when I’m doing DIY. I might pick it up again tomorrow, I might never go upstairs again. I might completely mess it up and have to get someone in to fix it. But, it gave me a task to focus on, I felt busy and enjoyed the physical work. Most importantly, it took my mind off the situation we are currently in. I feel like tonight I might actually sleep, having done some physical work.

I was just about to finish writing and then the TV told me I had to go outside and clap. I’m not usually one for that sort of thing, but being aloud outside felt like quite a nice thrill. I stood in the backyard (as I’m obviously not wearing a bra). It was quite heartening to hear the applause ring out around the streets; we also had car horns beeping and fireworks going off (Eddie was far from impressed). It reminded me to take a moment and be thankful for all the hard work that people are doing during this time. From the medical staff, to the supermarket staff, the drivers, logistic workers, care workers and teachers, they are all giving a vital service to the infrastructure of the country at the moment. It’s easy to grumble about having to stay at home, but the reality is, I have it so easy in comparison with a lot of people. I need to remember that.