Day Six

Today was the first official day of working from home. I usually work in a shop, so it was a mystery to me and all of my colleagues what our day of home working would look like. Although the company I work for sells via the internet and the phone, as store staff we have never received any training on this, as the company, like the rest of the world, never imagined a situation were we would need it.

We began the morning by all checking in on the staff group chat. It turned out that our main task of the day was simply to access our staff log in details from our home computers. Like any company, we have lots of log in and password details and plenty of security checks for making it impossible to access the system from outside the company. It was like a team building exercise for all of us to try different ways of logging in and helping each other jump through the various security hoops in place. By the end of the working day, I’m pleased to say, most of us had managed it! I was able to access an online training course regarding customer facing interactions, which was completely irrelevant to working from home, but it felt great to have a little task to do. I haven’t got a clue if or when we will have any real work tasks to do, but simply having the connection to other staff and helping each other out was enough to help me feel productive today.

I made some noodles for lunch. Even when not in isolation, I like to chat with Eddie about what I’m up to and quite often find myself singing daft little songs to him about the task in hand. I somehow ended up singing a song from an advert that was out in the 80’s for Noodle Doodles. They were essentially just shaped tinned spaghetti, but the catchy tune encouraged every 80’s child to beg their parents to buy them. If you aren’t familiar with Noodle Doodles or fancy a blast from the past, here’s the advert.

Of course that led me down an excellent YouTube spiral as I regressed into the adverts of my childhood, if you’re looking for a way to kill some time, I’d highly recommend it!

My trip down memory lane was interrupted by a beeping noise, one of those noises that at first you think must be outside. You try to ignore it, but eventually you have to face facts that the noise is in your house. After a process of elimination I narrowed it down and worked out it was coming from the sideboard. Annoyingly there is a spare smoke alarm in there somewhere and I guessed it must be the battery from that creating the beeping. I decided to take the hint from the universe and clear out the sideboard whilst finding the offending item. Look at me being so productive!

As the parks have been unusually busy, I thought it best to wait until later on to walk Eddie. We headed over to Stanley Park as the sun was starting to fade. The streets seemed a lot more quiet than they have been and there weren’t many people in the park at all. It was lovely to catch the park in the evening light and we had fun throwing sticks (me) and chasing magpies (him).