Day Ten & Eleven

I didn’t post yesterday because I was just too busy.


I had nothing to write about.

In hindsight it was a bit daft to start a daily blog when I am under lock down and have nothing to do. I think this whole process has pushed me closer to becoming a pensioner than I ever thought I’d get. I’m awake at dawn, eating my tea by mid afternoon and ready for bed by eight. When I woke up yesterday morning I looked out the window and thought it was a perfect day for getting some washing done. Then I was sick in my own mouth at how much of a weird old lady I am. Needless to say, I cracked on with some laundry (pyjamas because who is wearing real clothes?) and made the most of the sun to line dry it.

Today, reader, I put my laundry away. I too, am shook by the speed in which this batch of washing has progressed through the rigorous process (that can often take anywhere between a week and a decade) from basket back to wardrobe. What I was not prepared for is the feeling I would have after completing my laundry in a new personal best of under 24 hours. I had expected to feel fulfilled, virtuous and enlightened by the process. I was hoping that my soul would be metaphorically laundered, my chakras realigned and my aura cleansed. I wanted all those birds from Cinderella to come and sing with me.

Unfortunately none of this happened. I actually just felt a a bit meh. I started to feel a bit down about it, then I remembered we are in the middle of a global pandemic, so not to beat myself up over it. Staying home to save lives is a worthwhile achievement and one we should be proud of ourselves for doing. Anything else is fine, or not fine. Or whatever.

The burning question on everyone’s lips is surely, but Sian, did you do anymore of your DIY project? Of course I did. If stubbing my toe on a drill and tutting every time I walk past the balustrade counts. I’m absolutely smashing it to be honest! I’ll get back to working on it at some point, I have a feeling I’ll have plenty of time over the next few months to crack on with it. Although we do lose an hour tonight, when the clocks change. But as last week was at least 18 days long I think we’re being short changed somewhere along the line.

Keep on keeping on. You’re all smashing it. x