Day Thirteen & Fourteen

Yesterday was a lovely day. I had my usual video conference check in with work, took Eddie for a walk then went out to hunt and gather some supplies. I was lucky enough to have got a click and collect slot for my local Asda a few days ago. I’ve never done grocery shopping online before and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by the process. Firstly, once I had made my order, I was able to edit it up to midnight the night before. This meant I could add previously out of stock items like toilet roll plus extra chocolate, just to be on the safe side. The other great thing about click and collect is that it involved no unnecessary interactions. All I had to do was drive up to the designated lockers in the car park, enter my order code and transfer the shopping straight into the car. The only grumble I have about the experience is the replacement items. Annoyingly my pinot grigio was swapped for cabernet sauvignon, which is not a massive problem. But swapping a 16kg sack of dry dog food for a 1kg packet was less than ideal. This meant I then had to visit another shop to stock up on Eddies food for the month. Luckily I found a corner shop with the same food and was able to buy a few medium sized packs that will last us a good while.

I had a great experience recording a podcast with some of the Funny Women team. We used software that meant we could all see each other during the recording and it was a joy to see more familiar faces on my screen. The Funny Women community have been a great supporter of me throughout my comedy career. As well as the Funny Women Awards, the team run gigs and workshops across the UK. This creates vital informal networking opportunities with other female comedians. Like everything within the comedy industry at the moment, Funny Women is evolving to fit the current times. The awards will still go ahead, with online entries and the team are releasing a podcast in conjunction with the launch of the awards. It was fun to be involved in what will be the first episode and as ever we had a good old natter about everything and anything!

Speaking of awards… I’ve only gone and bloody won one! I’ve known for a few days but was unable to say anything until the official announcement last night. I was thrilled to even be nominated for Best Debut Show at Leicester Comedy Festival and absolutely delighted to win the award. I had to record an acceptance speech that was put out as part of a video stream last night. Not one to miss an opportunity to politicise a situation, I snuck a few subtle messages in there.

Eddie and I got ourselves dressed up for the occasion and had a one to many glasses of wine to celebrate.

I also used the opportunity to release the first photograph from my recent shoot with Andy Hollingworth. I was scheduled to debut with my show at this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival (which remarkably/ridiculously has still not been officially cancelled). It is bitter sweet to win the prize. It’s a prestigious accolade and I am honoured to have won, but the goal has always been Edinburgh. This picture was going to be used as my poster. The brief for Andy was to make me look iconic, as ever he delivered!

Today I’ve mainly been dialing in to various conference calls for work whilst nursing a well deserved hangover.