Day Two

I’m struggling a bit with sleep at the moment. I’m usually super busy; a normal day for me usually involves getting up around 8, walking Eddie for an hour, working during the day, another dog walk, then rushing off to a gig in the evening. Finding myself with a lot more time on my hands means I’m not needing as much sleep. Today I woke up just after 5, I used the time to catch up on some admin I had to take care of then decided to head out with Eddie for an early morning walk. Although I live in a very residential area there are plenty of parks and open spaces near by. Today we headed down towards Bootle and walked along a short stretch of the Leeds Liverpool canal. It’s quite a nice walk and usually pretty peaceful. It’s very much an inner city canal. The water is home to more bikes than ducks and the route is lined with scrap yards, heavy industry and dereliction. Nonetheless it is a pleasant enough walk and usually tires us both out quite nicely.

We were bumbling along, enjoy the spring sunshine and feeling pretty smug about being up early enough to enjoy the quiet. We came up off the canal path and cut across the park to start heading back towards home. Out of nowhere a huge dog ran towards us. This wasn’t a dog running to play, this was a dog attacking. Eddie immediately slipped his collar and got ready to defend. He gave as good as he got, but the dog was easily three times his size. I was screaming for the owner to get his dog as Eddie tried his best to fend him off. A couple of local smack heads got involved and helped pull the other dog off. Eventually the owner got his dog back under control then ran off without even apologising.   Eddie has a couple of cuts on his back from the other dog biting him, but he seems ok. He came to live with me almost 4 years ago when he was around 2 years old. He was rescue dog, so I have no idea of history, except that he was found as a stray. Given that he managed to fight off a massive angry dog that was probably on steroids; it’s pretty clear he was actually the head of some sort of canine street gang. Which goes along way to explain some of his other behaviours if you ask me. I’m more shaken by it than he is, but we’ve had some sausages and a chat about our feelings, so I think we’ll be ok.  

The pandemic has crossed the cultural divide into daytime TV. Morning staple ‘This Morning’ today had a topical segment featuring clothes to wear whilst working from home. It was a fashion show of people in pyjamas. I kid you not, Rochelle Humes (who used to be in S Club Juniors and The Saturdays) said “This is the sort of thing you could actually wear on the school run when this whole thing blows over!” In relation to a pair of tracky bottoms and a cardigan.  

Who knew that Loose Women’s Carol McGiffin was an expert virologist and epidemiologist? She’s been in France detoxing and today announced to the nation that she thinks the lock down is completely unnecessary. Thanks for the insight Carol, you absolute weapon.