Comedy Queers

Comedy Queers is a spicy mix of outrageous queer comedians, cabaret and drag acts. A sell-out Fringe phenomenon since 2018. With shows in venues across the UK.

Looking for diversity? It’s what we do best, babe! If you’ve seen enough cis, straight dudes with the same haircut / t-shirt / jokes / toxicity, come and party with the kings, queens and royal-thems of comedy. Expect chaos, drag, stand-up, glitter, queer joy and an ever changing line-up of LGBTQIA+ acts to grace our stage.

Comedy Queers is a big queer party, every. Single. Night!


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2024 promises to be our most exciting year yet! With pop even more Comedy Queers events scheduled at Unity Theatre. With your resident host Sian Davies and a selection of Comedy Queers from across the UK.

A Big Queer Party – Every. damn. Night!